A. WebDAV has been released as an out-of-band add-on for Microsoft IIS on Windows Server 2008. You can download it from this site or go straight to the 32-bit and 64-bit installation packages.

Once you've installed WebDAV, you need to enable it via the Enable WebDAV action and then assign permissions via an authoring rule. A rule that gives full permissions to accounts is shown here.

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You need to install the Desktop Experience feature pack if you're running the connection from a Windows Server 2008 box.

You can then try and map a drive to the server. If you don't have permissions, you'll see the output below.

                              C:\>net use * http:\\localhostSystem error 1920 has occurred.                              The file cannot be accessed by the system.

If you have the right permissions, you'll see the following message, which confirms WebDAV is functioning.

C:\>net use * http:\\localhostDrive Z: is now connected to http:\\localhost\.                              The command completed successfully.                              
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