A. After you've created a Windows installation that you want to image and distribute to other PCs, your first task is to create the Sysprep folder on the C drive. Copy the sysprep.exe and setupcl.exe files into this folder. You can find these files in support/tools/deploy.cab on the Windows installation medium.

In the same Sysprep folder, create an answer file called sysprep.inf--a text file that gives the OS setup program the responses it needs during the setup process. The easiest way to create sysprep.inf is to use Setup Manager (setupmgr.exe), which is also in the deployment tools on the Windows installation media. Your sysprep.inf file will look similar to the following example:

;SetupMgrTag                              \[Unattended\]                              OemSkipEula=Yes                              InstallFilesPath=C:\sysprep\i386                              \[GuiUnattended\]                              AdminPassword="Pa55word"                              EncryptedAdminPassword=NO                              OEMSkipRegional=1                              TimeZone=20                              OemSkipWelcome=1                              \[UserData\]                              ProductKey=HAHAY-OUWIS-HIDPU-TAKEY-HERE!                              FullName="Demo"                              OrgName="Demo Company"                              ComputerName=*                              \[SetupMgr\]                              DistFolder=C:\sysprep\i386                              DistShare=windiest                              \[Identification\]                              JoinDomain=DOMAIN.LOCAL                              \[Networking\]                              InstallDefaultComponents=Yes

Your next task is to ready the PC for imaging. To do so, open a command prompt in the C:\sysprep folder and type the command

sysprep -reseal -mini -shutdown

The -reseal switch deletes the machine-specific information from the PC. The -mini switch sets the PC so it starts a mini-wizard the next time it boots. The -shutdown switch tells the PC to shut down after the Sysprep command has completed. After the PC shuts down, it's ready to be imaged.