The System event log on your Windows Storage Server 2003 posts an event like:

Date: MM/DD/YYYY                              Source: psman5                              Time: HH:MM:SS                              Type: Error                              Event ID: 18                              User: N/A
This behavior occurs when the used section of the Persistent True Images cache ( SnapShot) in Persistent Storage Manager 2.1 for Server Appliances is greater than 90%.

To workaround this behavior:

1. Delete all Persistent True Images.

2. Press Disks in the Persistent Storage Manager WebUI.

3. Press Persistent Storage Manager.

4. Press Volume Setting on the Persistent Storage Manager page.

5. Press Configure on the Volume Setting page.

6. Type a larger value than the default into the Cache box.

NOTE: The Cache settings may display incorrectly, like 2% instead of 20%.