The subject behavior will occur if ALL of the following are TRUE:

- You use the Welcome screen to log on to the system.

- You mapped a network share to a drive letter.

- You configured the network share to be available offline.

- Your computer is connected to the network.

- The network share is not available, as in the 'server' is down.

Chances are there is an error message, hidden behind the Welcome screen, which must be responded to:

1. Press ALT+TAB to switch to the Restoring Network Connections task, which will still be hidden.

NOTE: If ALT+TAB fails to reveal a Restoring Network Connections task, you are experiencing a different problem and this tip will NOT resolve it.

2. Press Enter to confirm the error.

NOTE: To temporarily use the classic logon screen, press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice on the Welcome logon screen.

To configure Windows XP to use the classic logon and shutdown screens all the time, see How do I configure Windows XP to use the classic logon screen?