When you double-click a contact in the MSN Messenger 5 windows, the repair process for the Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer starts?

If the Windows Journal Viewer was incorrectly registered (in the registry), you will experience this behavior.

To resolve this issue, let the repair process complete. If successful, this will only happen once per account.

If the repair fails, you may receive an error that references a path similar to C:\docume~1\settin~1\locals~1\temp\ixpooo.tmp\.

To fix this problem:

1. Use the Add / Remove Programs tool to remove the Windows Journal Viewer. You may have to restart your computer if some files are in use.

2. Download and install the Journal Viewer (Windows 2000 SP2+ and Windows XP ONLY), which permits a computer that is NOT running the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to view files that were created in Windows Journal Viewer on a Tablet PC.