When a novice tries to establish a Remote Assistance session with an expert, the expert receives:

Remote Assistance connection could not be established because the invitation was either expired or was canceled


The expert is prompted with a Windows log on dialog, instead of having Remote Assistance log on automatically.

This problem can be caused by:

1. The novice having TweakUI 1.33 installed and using it to Clear Last User at logon (on the Paranoia tab).

2. In a Windows NT 4.0 domain, the Do not display last logged on user name at Default Computer\Windows NT System\Logon is enabled.

NOTE: Both of the above sets DontDisplayLastUserName to 1

NOTE: Remote Assistance works normally when the Do not display last user name Windows 2000 GPO or the Interactive logon: Do not display last user name Windows XP GPO, both at Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options, are Enabled.

To workaround this issue:

- If the users has TweakUI v 1.33 configured as in 1 above, clear the Clear Last User at logon check box.

- If you are in a Windows NT 4.0 domain with the GPO in 2 above enabled, have the domain administrator disable it.