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This step-by-step article describes how to use the Disk Quota Management Script tool ( to configure disk quotas for NTFS file system volumes of local and remote Windows 2000-based computers. is available in Windows 2000 Resource Kit Supplement 1. You can use to perform the following disk quota management tasks on NTFS volumes of computers that are running Windows 2000:

Turn on disk quotas by using the default settings.
Turn off disk quotas.
Change disk quota settings. You can set default disk quota limits and warning levels, enforce disk quota limits, and generate events if limits and warning levels are reached.
Display disk quota settings. configures and displays settings that correspond to the information on the Quota tab of the NTFS volume properties. To view this information in Microsoft Windows Explorer, right-click the volume, click Properties, and then click the Quota tab.

IMPORTANT: Do not use if you use Group Policy to enforce disk quota settings. can violate disk quota policies in which the following Group Policy settings may become ineffective:

Enable disk quotas
Enforce disk quota limit
Default quota limit and warning level
Log event when quota limit exceeded
Log event when quota warning level exceeded

NOTE: To manage disk quotas of NTFS volumes on remote computers, you must first map the root folder of the remote volume to a drive letter on the local computer.