To rename multiple files in Windows XP Explorer to NewName(n).extension:

1. Open Windows Explorer, or MY Computer, and navigate to the folder that contains the files to be renamed.

2. Select the files by holding down the CTRL key as you select them, or by using The Shift key to select the start and end of a sequence of files, or use a combination of both techniques.

2. Once the files are selected (highlighted), press F2.

3. Type the new name. It will appear that you are only renaming a single file, but all the selected files will be renamed.

The file that appears to be the one that you are renaming will be renamed with the filename and extension that you type. The other files will be renamed with the new filename followed by a (n), where n starts at 1, and the original extension.


If you had selected a.doc, b.doc, c.html, and last.htm and renamed them new.txt, the last file selected, last.htm, would be renamed to new.txt.
The a.doc file would be renamed to new(1).doc.
The b.doc file would be renamed to new(2).doc.
The c.html file would be renamed to new(3).html.