If you need to compare file version information to determine if a files version matches a known file, download cmpVer10.zip.

I quote:

Program:         cmpVer                              Author:          Frank-Peter Schultze & Stephan Herbertz                              Updates:         http://www.fpschultze.de/                              Enhancement Req.                              And Bug Reports: support@fpschultze.de                              Built/Tested On: Windows NT 4.0                              Requirements:    Win32                              Purpose:         Compare version information of MS modules                              Syntax:          cmpver sourcefile targetfile                              State Changes:   returns errorlevel                                                1: ver(source) > ver(target)                                                2: ver(target) = invalid                                                3: ver(source) = ver(target)                                                4: ver(source) If you type cmpVer /?, you receive the following                               additional information:
Batch file example:                              Batchfile CopyFiles.bat:                              For %%F In (*.*) Do Call InstFile.bat %%F C:\WINNT\system32\%%F                              Batchfile InstFile.bat:                              CmpVer %1 %2                              If Not ErrorLevel 3 Copy %1 %2