The exit codes returned in the %systemroot%\schedlgu.txt file, or via Scheduled Tasks / Advanced / View Log, are the status codes returned from the scheduled task. The general syntax is:

Job1.job" (test.bat)
Finished 4/26/2000 2:10:00 AM
Result: The task completed with an exit code of (xx).

The most common exit codes are:

0 or 0x0: The operation completed successfully.

1 or 0x1: Incorrect function called or unknown function called.

10 or 0xa: The environment is incorrect.

0xC000013A: The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C.

NOTE: The C indicates an error condition.

When the Task Scheduler has a problem running the job, you get a result code like:

"badjob.job" (causesanerror.bat) 6/29/2000 10:47:00 AM ** ERROR **                              Unable to start task.                              The specific error is:                              0x80070002: The system cannot find the file specified.                              Try using the Task page Browse button to locate the application.