This behavior generally indicates that the Virtual DOS Machine (VDM) is corrupt. To fix the problem, rename the files in the following table, using a .old extension, and expand new ones from the Windows NT CD-ROM. Reapply your latest Service Pack.

   File Name     D e s c r i p t i o n 
   Vdmredir.dll             MS-DOS redirector driver 
   Krnl386.exe     16-bit kernel 
   User.exe     16-bit subsystem file 
   Gdi.exe     16-bit and 32-bit handles video calls    
   Wowexec.exe     Win16-bit subsystem 
   Ntvdm.exe     MS-DOS subsystem 
   Ntio.sys     I/O driver 
   Ntdos.sys     MS-DOS driver 
   Redir.exe     network redirector