I first addressed this issue in tip 0254.

Nicholas Truluck has suggested another method, that also works.

01 Run Rdisk /S-.

02. Format a diskette in Windows NT.

03. Copy Setup.log, Autoexec.nt, and Config.nt from %SystemRoot%\Repair.

04. The following additional files are required to make a complete ERD:

    Default._                                  Ntuser.da_                                  Sam._                                  Security._                                  Software._                                  System._
Copy whatever will fit to the diskette.

05. Repeat steps 02 and 03, as many times as required, adding the file(s) not copyied during to the previous diskette(s). Label each diskette with the files that it contains.

To perform a repair that doesn't require registry files, use the ERD from step 04.

When performing a repair that requires registry files, Select the registry files that exist on the diskette from step 04. When the computer restarts, insert Setup diskette 1, and perform another registry repair with the next diskette from step 05. If you have a 3rd diskette, repeat the process.

Tip 0272 contains a description of the ERD repair screens.

NOTE: If any one hive, plus the files from step 03, do not fit on a diskette, you can use tip 0505 for a registry repair.