When you use the Manage Server Console or the Remote Manage Server Console utility (REMOTECSL), the User List is empty.

If you click Add a New User and then click Cancel, the User List is populated.

A possible cause is the installation of NTOP without applying BOUPDATE.EXE.

SBS Server: Run BOUPDATE.EXE (it is on the CD).


1. At a command proimpt, create a BOUPDATE folder and copy BOUPDATE.EXE to it.

2. Switch to the BOUPDATE folder and type BOUPDATE.EXE /c

3. When prompted for the location, type <Drive:>\BOUPDATE (or Browse).

4. Click OK to extract the files.

5. At the CMD prompt, copy saminfo1.ocs <Drive:>\smallbusiness

6. Type regsvr32 <Drive:>\smallbusiness\saminfo1.ocx

7. Click OK to dismiss the successfull registration dialog box.

8. Delete <Drive:>\BOUPDATE and its' contents.