If your System event log contains:

   Event ID 43

   Description: Crash dump is disabled! NT failed to initialize the boot
   partition paging file for crash dump. This may be because the system has more
   than 3.8 gigabytes of physical memory.</b>
after applying SP4, you pagefile is/was smaller than physical RAM.

Use Control Panel / System / Performance / Change to set the Initial Size and Maximum Size (on the %SystemRoot% partition) to at least RAM + 12.

NOTE: Initial Size and Maximum Size should always be the same to prevent fragmentation of the pagefile space.

Configure Dr. Watson using Control Panel / System / Startup/Shutdown.

Minimum recommended Pagefile size:

 RAM   Pagefile Size 
 16 - 96   RAM * 2 
 128 - 256   RAM * 1.5 
 >256   RAM + 12 

If you have a SCSI controller and additional physical drive(s), you can create the additional pagefile space on the least used drive(s). Never place more than 1 pagefile on a physical drive.