The subject behavior can be the result of the not having the PnP ISA Enabler started or having some files in %SystemRoot%\System32 missing or corrupt.

To fix the problem, verify that the PnP ISA Enabler is configured:

1. Navigate to <CD-ROM:>\DRVLIB\PNPISA\<Your Platform>\PNPISA.INF.

2. Right click and choose Install.

3. Restart your computer.

If any of the following files are missing from %SystemRoot%\System32, reapply your latest Service Pack:

                                    Shell32.dll                                    Rpcrt4.dll                                    Tapi32.dll                                    Setupapi.dll                                    Msvcrt.dll                                    Lz32.dll                                    Comdlg32.dll                                    Version.dll                                    Cfgmgr32.dll                                    Mpr.dll                                    Rpcltc1.dll
NOTE: PNPISA is a "use at your own risk" tool, since Plug and Play devices are not supported in Windows NT 4.0.