Some Portable computers use a PCI bridge to link to the docking station. During installation, Windows NT is not able to dectect devices in this type of docking station.

The HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) in Service Pack 3 can detect devices across a PCI bridge.

Create a distribution share which contains the i386 directory or copy the i386 directory to the local disk. Rename the following files or move them to a backup directory:

      Hal.dl_                               Halast.dl_                               Halcbus.dl_                               Halcbusm.dl_                               Haloli.dl_                               Halsp.dl_                               Halwyse7.dl_                               

Copy the following files from Service Pack 3 (You can expand it with the /x switch):

      Hal.dll                               Hal486c.dll                               Halapic.dll                               Halast.dll                               Halcbus.dll                               Halcbusm.dll                               Halmca.dll                               Halmps.dll                               Halmpsm.dll                               Haloli.dll                               Halsp.dll                               Halwyse7.dll                               

When you install Windows NT using WINNT /B /S:SourcePath, the devices in the docking station will be detected.