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Dial-Up Networking

ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q148154</a> RAS Client Cannot Browse RAS Server With IPX Only                2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q149907</a> Browsing a Remote Network from a DUN Client Using Only TCP/IP    2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151760</a> Error 20091 When Client Dials RAS Server Using TCP/IP            3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q161516</a> Troubleshooting Modem Problems Under Windows NT 4.0              4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q162293</a> Troubleshooting RAS Client Issues in Windows NT 4.0              5</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171015</a> How to Install and Configure Windows NT 4.0 Dial-Up Networking   4</b>


ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q126380</a> Troubleshooting CD-ROM Problems in Windows NT                    4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q139986</a> CD-ROM Drive Not Recognized After Installing Windows NT          2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155053</a> Black Screen on Boot                                             3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156344</a> Plug and Play Devices Not Detected or Installed                  2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170995</a> How to Install Third-Party Network Adapter Drivers               2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q122926</a> Troubleshooting STOP: 0x0000007B or "0x4,0,0,0" Error            6</b>


ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q121877</a> Using RAS for Routing of IP Packets                             23</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q152220</a> How to View and Remove Information from AutoDial                 4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156569</a> How to Connect to Internet Service Providers from Windows NT     3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157807</a> Enabling AutoDial with Internet Explorer in Windows NT 4.0       3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q161410</a> How to Set Up a Private Network Over the Internet Using PPTP     3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163391</a> Troubleshooting Problems Communicating on the Internet           8</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q169843</a> PPTP Connection to Multihomed Server May Not Succeed             2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q161986</a> Troubleshooting Internet Service Provider Login Problems         8</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q166090</a> MSN Support in Windows NT                                        7</b>


ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q121517</a> How to Recover From a Corrupt NTFS Boot Sector                   7</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q124550</a> Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Start...Ntoskrnl.exe               3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q131735</a> How to Create Windows NT Boot Floppy Disks                       2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q135527</a> Err Msg: Windows NT Could Not Be Started As Configured           2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q136547</a> Restoring Windows NT Dual Boot After Installing Windows 95       3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q142065</a> Connecting Windows NT to Windows 95 with a Null-Modem Cable      3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151237</a> Error Message When Installing TCP/IP or Adding TCP/IP Service    3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q166090</a> MSN Support in Windows NT                                        7</b>


ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q135406</a> Steps to Manually Remove and Reinstall a Printer Driver          3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156082</a> Windows NT Printer Driver Support                                4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q160861</a> Printers May Produce Garbled Output After Print Job Is Deleted   2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163551</a> Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows NT 4.0              6</b>


ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q100108</a> Overview of FAT, HPFS, and NTFS File Systems                     9</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q103049</a> How to Manually Remove Windows NT                                4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q130087</a> How to Troubleshoot Windows NT Boot Floppy Disk Problems         2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q142865</a> Microsoft Support Policy on Hardware Not On Windows NT HCL       4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151414</a> Windows 95 Partition Types Not Recognized by Windows NT          2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q151581</a> Cannot Upgrade Windows 95 to Windows NT Workstation 4.0          3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q154538</a> WinNT 4.0 Upgrade CD Will Not Upgrade WinNT 4.0 Installation     4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155034</a> Dual-Booting Between Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows 95   2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155563</a> Toshiba T4900CT Laptop Computer Hangs at NTDETECT Screen         2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155621</a> Comparison of Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0          2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155717</a> Windows NT 4.0 Installations Cannot Be Copied or Moved           2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156530</a> Setup Stops When Inspecting Computer Hardware Configuration      3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156903</a> Boot Loader Screen Keeps Repeating During Setup                  2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q160495</a> Err Msg: STOP: C000026C Unable to Load Device Driver...          2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q161703</a> Stop: 0x0000001E Error Message During Setup                      3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163003</a> Compatibility Tool for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Available        5</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q168931</a> Err Msg: Setup Was Unable to Verify Your <X>: Drive              3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q171003</a> Stop 0x50 Error Message While Installing Windows NT 4.0          3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q122926</a> Troubleshooting STOP: 0x0000007B or "0x4,0,0,0" Error            6</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q126690</a> Windows NT 4.0 Setup Troubleshooting Guide                      26</b>

Deployment and Unattended Setup

ITEM ID ARTICLE TITLE                                                PAGES
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q153768</a> Changing the Default Installation Drive Using Unattended Setup   2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155099</a> Creating Network Component .inf File for Unattended Setup        4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155197</a> Unattended Setup Parameters for Unattend.txt File               36</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155614</a> Unattended Installation of Microsoft Windows NT 4.0              3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155643</a> Case Studies Available Describing Windows NT 4.0 Deployments     2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q155644</a> Available Resources for Windows NT 4.0 Deployment                2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156654</a> How to Disable the Installation of Exchange During Setup         3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156795</a> Using Sysdiff.exe with Unattended Setup and Windows NT 4.0       5</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156823</a> How to Install an OEM Network Adapter Card in WinNT 4.0 Setup    4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q156876</a> Using UDF Files with Windows NT 4.0 Unattended Setup             4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157361</a> How to Automatically Log On After an Unattended Setup            3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157576</a> Troubleshooting Problems Using Sysdiff.exe Tool                 10</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q157920</a> How to Prevent Welcome to Windows NT Screen During Setup         5</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158447</a> How to Run a Program Only Once After Unattended Setup of WinNT   5</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q158484</a> How to Set the Administrator Password During Unattended Setup    2</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q159624</a> Err Msg: Incorrect Arguments. Consult the Windows NT...          3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163303</a> Sysdiff Cannot Be Used to Apply Service Pack                     3</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q163554</a> Determining NIC Parameters for Setup Using Unattend.txt          4</b>
<b><a target="NewWindow" href="">Q170271</a> Description of Zero Admin Kit for Windows NT Workstation 4.0     4</b>