You can manually disconnect users in Server Manager and you can set logon time restrictions (with forced Logoff) in User Manager for Domains, but I prefer to use a batch file due to the enhanced flexibily it offers and the ability to schedule it. Here is a sample (note - a leading : is the same as REM):

:: Pausing the Netlogon service prevent this "server" from processing new logons.                              :: If you have other logon servers, they can still process logons.                               net pause Netlogon                              :: Pausing the Server service prevents new logons and new connections on this "server".                               net pause Server                              net send /domain "Your session(s) will be disconnected in 5 minutes, please logoff."                               ::Sleep 5 minutes.                              @ping -n 301>nul                              ::net session /delete /y will terminate all sessions/connections with this "server".                               net session /delete /y                              ::                               ::                               :: Perform other usefull work here like stopping services, backing up, starting the services.                               :: To get the service names, browse the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services                              :: Example: net stop RemoteAccess                               ::                               ::                               :: Enable the Service and/or Netlogon services that you paused.                               net continue Server                              net continue Netlogon                              net send /domain "Logons and connections are now enabled."                               exit