We broke the news yesterday about Microsoft retiring the TechNet Subscription service. You can read about it here: DEAD: Microsoft TechNet.

When the news was announced, the IT community erupted. Long hate threads went well into the afternoon in email lists and forums. Some very good points were made, and most were made with a severe tinge of bitterness at Microsoft's decision. I can only imagine what it's like to be Microsoft right now, considering some of the bonehead decisions they have made in the last year or so. They make a decision, release the news, and then spend the next few weeks deciding how to backtrack just enough to satisfy their customers yet keep aligned with their Cloud-infused future.

Here's some comments from the IT Community over Microsoft's decision. I left out some of more colorful ones.

"This is pretty terrible, TechNet yearly subscription was great."

"Spinning up an Azure VM does not meet the requirement of MSDN software. I can’t test on my hardware, in my data center, in my environment without MSDN or paying for software. Microsoft is going to push this Azure crap too hard and people are simply going to stop using MS software. People are heavily invested in the Microsoft skillset but other than the bodies running the systems there’s no other real dependency upon Microsoft. We could just as easily run on open source."

"I think it’s a bad move on MS part to alienate all the consultants out there who used TechNet."

"I need to test on MY hardware to know how things perform on MY hardware, connected to MY storage in MY datacenter. Like or not this cloud thingy isn’t going to rule the world."

"This sucks."

So, can TechNet Subscriptions be saved? Can the IT Community force Microsoft to change their mind?  Personally, I don't think so, however, that doesn't mean the impossible cannot happen. Customers were instrumental in Microsoft backtracking on the Xbox One, and customer uproar and poor acceptance caused Microsoft to put the Windows Start button and boot to desktop into Windows 8.1.

To help make your voice heard, a petition to save TechNet Subscriptions has been initiated at Change.org. If you, too, believe that Microsoft's decision to end TechNet Subscriptions "sucks", drop out to the following page and sign the petition:

Microsoft Corporation: Create an affordable MSDN subscription comparable to TechNet