1. Turn on the Slide Design task pane.
  2. In the Apply a Design Template section, point to a design template. A drop-down arrow appears.
  3. Click the design's drop-down menu and choose

    Design template menu

    • Apply to All Slides: the masters of the current slide are replaced with the selected design template, and the new slide-title master pair is then applied to all slides in the presentation.
      If you click the design template itself (rather than its drop-down arrow), the Apply to All Slides command is executed as the default.
    • Apply to Selected Slides: if the design has not been previously loaded into the presentation, it is loaded as an additional slide-title master pair and is applied to selected slides.
    • Apply to Master: the design is applied to the master(s) of the selected slide(s) and to all slides based on the master(s). Slides based on other masters will not be affected. This command will only appear if a presentation has more than one slide-title master pair.