July 2008 Reader Challenge Winner

   Congratulations to the winner of our July 2008 Reader Challenge. Jerome Crawford of Wisconsin requested a copy of "Running QuickBooks in Nonprofits" (CPA911 Publishing) for his use as a community volunteer.


August 2008 Reader Challenge

   Solve this month's Vista Update challenge, and you might win a prize! Email your solution (don't use an attachment) to challenge@windowsitpro.com by Aug. 13, 2008. You MUST include your full name, street mailing address (no P.O. Boxes), and a telephone number. Without that information, we can't send you a prize if you win, so your answer is eliminated, even if it’s correct.

   I choose winners at random from the pool of correct entries. I’m a sucker for humor and originality, and a cleverly written correct answer gets an extra chance. Because I receive so many entries each month, I can't reply to respondents, and I never respond to a request for an email receipt. Look for the solutions to this month's problem at http://www.windowsitpro.com/articles/index.cfm?articleid=99974 on Aug. 14.


The Challenge


   Whether you're new to Windows Vista or you've been using it for some time, there are some things that take getting used to after using Windows XP for a long time. These are little things--little frustrating things, and little things that you're happy to find. Didja notice the following things?


Question 1: When you press F2 to change a file name in the Computer window, what's different about the way Vista works?


Question 2: In Vista, what do we call the following folders:  C:\Documents and Settings, C:\Users\All Users, C:\Users\Default User? (Responding with "Inaccessible" doesn't count.)


Question 3: When you open folders and subfolders, what's different about the Vista Address Bar display?