You can run each of the Pfadmin commands in batch mode, although I recommend you do so only when you have a lot of public folders to manage and a lot of management tasks that you need to do often. (The amount of typing you save is significant only when you use the tool a great deal.) When you run Pfadmin in batch mode, you need to be aware of some differences in syntax. For one thing, in batch mode you don't enclose two- or three-word folder names in quotation marks. In addition, the Tab key (rather than a space) is the default delimiter in batch mode, and spaces before and after tabs are ignored. Figure A shows the results of the following batch mode commands:

                              pfadmin sam                                  listreplicas <tab> mordor                                  listreplicas <tab> all                              	                              pfadmin f                                  messageclasses <tab> bag end                                  messageclasses <tab> all <tab>                              …….. i=msgtypes.ini <tab> homed