One of the two remaining Macintosh clone makers, Umax Data Systems, has announced that it has secured a new licensing agreement with Apple Computer that allows it to offer MacOS 8.0 with its systems. To get this license, Umax had to agree to pursue markets Apple will forgo, so Umax's upcoming MacOS 8 systems will target the low-end.

In other Apple news, Mac cloner Motorola has announced that it will not be manufacturing its upcoming StarMax Pro 6000 computer because Apple refuses to license any CHRP-compatible hardware.

"We invested a substantial amount in the development of CHRP systems, which are ready to go. It's a solid product, the most powerful machines ever built," Denis Saloky, director of marketing for Motorola's StarMax line said. "Users want the system, but unfortunately the product may never get to market. I have few reasons to be optimistic at this point"

The StarMax 6000 uses the new PowerPC 750 CPU, which makes the machine considerably faster than anything Apple sells. Apple isn't interested in competing with other CHRP designs, however, and will only grant licenses to companies that do not compete with Apple