In response to customer requests, Microsoft is preparing an update to the Internet e-mail driver for Microsoft Outlook. This update is primarily for Microsoft Outlook customers whose main e-mail system is a dial-up Internet service provider. The update makes no changes to the main Outlook program files.

Microsoft intends to release the updated driver this Spring. An open beta will be posted on the web, although no date has been specified.

The final version of the updated driver will include these improvements:

  • Support for multiple POP3 accounts in one profile.
  • Improved support for storing messages on POP3 servers.
  • Standard Internet-style replies with "|" or ">" characters.
  • Easier viewing of full message headers.
  • Improved interoperability with other MIME e-mail products. Specifically, improving MIME support so that other products do not show an "=" at the end of every line, or do not show the entire message as a single line.
  • Correct icons in the message view list for messages that you have read.
  • Remove erroneous sending of WINMAIL.DAT attachment.
While you're waiting for the update, you may want to check out some of the add-ins Microsoft has already released for Outlook, including the Rules Wizard and the Preview Pane.

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