A couple of people have asked me about Microsoft Wish this week, so I thought I'd explain it briefly. Microsoft has a form on the Web you can fill out, where you "wish" for new features in existing programs, or for new programs. The official description: Let us know how we can improve our products. Wishes can include: • Ideas for new or improved features • Services you would like to see added • Ways to make products easier to use • New Product Ideas You can find a link to Microsoft Wish at the Microsoft Technical Support feedback page at http://www.microsoft.com/support/feedback/ Another popular question regards beta testing Microsoft products. Anyone can sign up for beta tests, and believe it or not, it actually works sometimes. If you'd like to beta test a Microsoft product, send a blank e-mail to betareq@microsoft.com. A bot will send you an automatic reply, with a list of the information Microsoft will need to consider your application. Once you have this list, you should send one e-mail to that same address for each product you wish to test. Then cross your fingers: I've actually gotten on several tests this way, so you never know. Good luck