Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has scheduled hearings for Monday, January 7, when she will determine whether to delay Microsoft's upcoming antitrust remedy trial until this summer, as the company requested. Last week, Microsoft asked that Kollar-Kotelly move the hearings from March to July because of the severity of the remedies nine states requested. But the states say that Microsoft is stalling and dragging out the case even further. Both sides will get to air their opinions in court Monday.

"This \[delay\] is the fault of the nonsettling states, which have gone far beyond the legal scope of the remedy phase and have essentially launched an entirely new case against the company," a Microsoft spokesperson said. "We look forward to presenting to the court why it is appropriate to amend the scheduling order."

Several companies have already received subpoenas for the remedy trial, including AOL Time Warner, which now owns the Netscape browser; the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT), a pro-Microsoft trade group; and Sun Microsystems, which makes Java and high-end servers.