Using DSQUERY, an Active Directory command-line tool, I have scripted DomOU.bat to return the OUs that are configured in your domain.

NOTE: DomOU.bat does NOT return the Domain Controllers OU.

The syntax for using DomOU.bat is:


The output is displayed on the console, but you can redirect it to a file, using:


You can process the results in a batch, using a script similar to:

@echo off                              setlocal                              for /f "Tokens=*" %%o in ('DomOU') do (                               call :Process %%o                              )                              endlocal                              exit /b 0                              :process                              :: Process the OU here                              @echo %1                              
DomOU.bat contains:
@echo off                              for /f "Tokens=*" %%o in ('dsquery ou domainroot^|findstr /v /i /c:"OU=Domain Controllers,"') do (                               @echo %%o                              )