Using nltest from the Windows 2000 support tools (Support \ Tools folder of the CD-ROM), you can locate the Site of a specific domain controller. Open a CMD prompt and type:

nltest /server:<ServerName> /dsgetsite

This will generate output similar to:

The command completed successfully

To list all of the domain controllers and their sites, type:

nltest /dclist:<DomainName>

You will receive output similar to:

<b>Get list of DCs in domain 'JSIINC.COM' from '\\JSI001.JSIINC.COM'.
    JSI001.JSIINC.COM \[PDC\] \[DS\] Site: JSISITE01
    JSI002.JSIINC.COM       \[DS\] Site: JSISITE01
    JSI003.JSIINC.COM       \[DS\] Site: JSISITE02
The command completed successfully</b>