I have scripted NoLogon.bat to report domain member computers that do not currently have a user logged onto the console.

NoLogon.bat requires that you implement tip 10492 ยป How can I record logon and logoff information in both the user account description and the computer account description?, and that you download ADFind.exe freeware and place it in a folder that is in your PATH.

The syntax for using NoLogon.bat is:


NoLogon.bat contains:

                              @echo off                              setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion                              set adfswitch=-csv -csvdelim ";" -nocsvheader -nodn -default -f "&(objectcategory=Computer)"                              set adfattr=Name distinguishedName description                              for /f "Tokens=1-2* Delims=;" %%a in ('adfind %adfswitch% %adfattr%') do (                               set Name=%%a                               set DN=%%b                               set desc=%%c                               call :test                              )                              endlocal                              goto :EOF                              :test                              if "!desc:~1,3!" NEQ "ON " goto report                              set wrk1=!desc:"=!                              set wrk2=%wrk1:OFF =%                              if "%wrk1%" EQU "%wrk2%" goto report                              set wrk2=%wrk1:OFF 0=%                              if "%wrk1%" EQU "%wrk2%" goto report                              goto :EOF                              :report                              @echo !Name!;!DN!