A. The resource kit utility BROWSTAT can be used to remotely stop a browse master with the following command:

C:\> BROWSTAT TICKLE <transport> <domain> | \\<server name>

Where <transport> is the Windows NT transport device name, and <domain> is the domain in which the master browser is located, and <server name> is the computer name of the master browser.

To check which transport use the command:

C:\> net config rdr
Workstation active on NetbiosSmb (000000000000) NetBT_Tcpip_\{C2F....

The transport device is indicated by '<network service>_<NIC type>', where <network service> is the session-layer network service, and <NIC type> is the type of network interface card on your computer. The session-layer network services are NetBT for NetBIOS over TCP/IP, NwlnkNb for IPX, or Nbf for NetBEUI, e.g. NetBT_Tcpip.

C:\> browstat tickle NetBT_Tcpip_\{C2F8C130-F2AF-11D2-B748-DAEDF5F58140\} \\titanic