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Today, everything is moving off site from your on-premises environment, from your servers and virtual machines to your apps and messaging infrastructure. Something else that’s moving off-premises is disaster recovery. In this two part course, we will take you from the basics of DRaaS, including what you need to think about when transitioning from a more traditional on-premises disaster recovery solution to a hybrid disaster recovery solution through to a full DRaaS solution. You’ll learn about the differences between DRaaS and BaaS as well as factors that you need to consider from both the business and a regulatory perspective.


Part 1: Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service: An overview

Traditionally, backup and disaster recovery have been areas that organizations handle for themselves. From determining the parameters of what needs to be backed up and how it should be backed up, through to determining what infrastructure is required to keep the business running in the event of flood, fire, cyclone, or any other business threatening disaster. Both Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service allow an outside organization to do the heavy lifting when it comes to configuring, management, and maintenance of backup and disaster recovery for an organization. In this session, we’ll examine and discuss:

  • What you need to think about when reexamining your existing backup disaster recovery solution
  • The challenges — both real and imagined —of BaaS and DRaaS
  • What you should consider as you move towards implementing a solution based on BaaS and DRaaS

Part 2: Gaining a deeper understanding of BaaS & DRaaS

BaaS is more than just shifting data to an external service provider. DRaaS is more than just implementing a Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution.  In this second session, we’ll look more deeply into what you need to think about when it comes to a DRaaS solution, how BaaS fits into that solution, and what you need to think about from a compliance perspective. You'll learn about:

  • Testing best practices 
  • What to look at in terms of the cloud platform hosting your BaaS and DRaaS solution 
  • How to plan and test failover and failback scenarios without disrupting your organization's everyday business

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Orin Thomas is an MVP, an MCT and has a string of Microsoft MCSE and MCITP certifications. He has written more than 30 books for Microsoft Press IT Pro topics. He is an author at PluralSight and is a contributing editor at Penton’s IT Pro and other sites. He has been working in IT since the early 1990's and regularly speaks at conferences in Australia and around the world.