A. It is not possible to assign a drive letter to a removable device using Disk Administrator, however you can assign drive letters to the other partitions leaving the letter unused that you want the removable drive to use. NT assigns drive letters to physical devices first (first partition) then to removable drives and then to other partitions (e.g. secondary partitions). For example if you had one harddisk with two partitions and a removable drive the letter assignments would be

  • Physical drive, partition 1 = c:
  • Removable drive = d:
  • Physical drive, partition 2 = e:

To ensure that a removable drive receives a certain drive letter follow the instructions below:

  1. Shutdown NT and disconnect the removable drive
  2. Start NT and assign drive letters to the partitions, leaving the letter you want the removable drive to use free
  3. Shutdown NT, attach the removable drive and start NT

A fix is now available which allows you to actually set the letter for a removable drive, http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q142/6/35.asp.