A. You can use the following script, which you can download here. You can call the script from an OSD phase (the state restore phase is the most logical option), and it will create the archive_osd.sms file in the correct location and stop the deletion of the minint folder structure.

Option Explicit    </p><p>
Dim targetPath, env, file1, fso  set env = CreateObject("OSD.Environment")    </p><p>
targetPath = env("OSDTARGETDRIVE")  Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")  set file1 = fso.CreateTextFile(targetPath & "MININT\archive_osd.sms",TRUE)  file1.Close    </p><p>
Set fso = Nothing  </p>
The figureshows this stop_minint_delete.vbs from being called from the state restore phase.