A. The in-box email integration for SCSM had a few gaps, particularly around approving change requests via email. However, this problem has been resolved by a new SCSM-Exchange connector that's available for download from Microsoft. Key features of the connector include:

  • Create incidents from email (turn off the in-box email solution)
    • The sending user is looked up in the CMDB and related to the incident as the affected user.
    • The email subject becomes the incident title.
    • The email body becomes the incident description.
  • Update incident action logs from email
  • Resolve or close incidents from email
  • Approve or reject change requests from email
  • Update change request action logs from email
  • Mark manual activities completed from email
  • Add email file attachments to work items as attachments
  • Send notifications to users from the console
  • Emails can be sent in from outside the organization
  • Emails can be sent from users that don't exist in the CMDB yet and a new user record will be created for them and related to the incident

If you have SCSM and Exchange, you should definitely implement this connector for the best experience.