A. The Diskpart tool was the original tool used to shrink volumes, and it can still shrink volumes and tell you how much a volume can be shrunk. Just select the disk and partition then use the shrink querymax command, as demonstrated here.

DISKPART> <strong>select disk 0</strong><br><br> Disk 0 is now the selected disk.<br><br> DISKPART> <strong>list part</strong><br><br> Partition ### Type Size Offset<br> ------------- ---------------- ------- -------<br> Partition 1 Primary 556 MB 1024 KB<br> Partition 2 Primary 118 GB 557 MB<br> Partition 3 Primary 113 GB 119 GB<br><br> DISKPART> <strong>select part 2</strong><br><br> Partition 2 is now the selected partition.<br><br> DISKPART> <strong>shrink querymax</strong><br><br> The maximum number of reclaimable bytes is: 56 GB (57741 MB)