If you use a Powerstorm 4d20 video, with the Tga2 driver, during the SQL 7.0 SP1 setup on your Alpha, you will receive:
STOP: 0X00002B (0xDE05CFA4,0x00000003,0Xfffffff0,0xf657c000)                              PANIC_STACK_SWITCH                              Microsoft Windows NT \[0xf0000565\]                              Machine State at Call to Bug Check PC : 800c0364 PSR : 0000001E                              Callee-Sp Return -Ra Dll Base - Name                              806d9e00 800c0364 : 80080000 - ntoskrnl.exe                              FFFFFFF0 DE05CFA8 80080000 - ntoskrnl.exe                              Callee-SP Return-RA Call Site                              806d90f0 800b854c : ntkrnlmp!DbgBreakPointWithStatus+0x4                              806d90f0 800bfde0 : ntkrnlmp!KeBugCheckEx+0x254                              806d9620 800c2694 : ntkrnlmp!KiMemoryManagementException+0xf4                              806d9820 800c255c : ntkrnlmp!KiLookupFunctionEntry+0x74                              806d9840 800b84a0 : ntkrnlmp!KeDumpMachineState+0x17c                              806d98d0 800c0360 : ntkrnlmp!KeBugCheckEx+0x1a8                              806d9e00 de05cfa4 : ntkrnlmp!KiPanicException+0x8                              fffffff0 80174230 : win32k!W32pThreadCallout+0x4                              00000010 00000000 : ntkrnlmp!PsConvertToGuiThread+0x250 
The workaround is to use the standard VGA video drivers. The Powerstorm 4d20 video driver files are:
                                  Date        Time    File name                                   -----------------------------                                 01/22/1998  10:14a  Tga2.dll                                 01/22/1998  10:18a  Tga2.sys
The impacted computers are:
AlphaServer 1200                               AlphaServer 4000/4100                               AlphaServer 8200/8400                               Digital Ultimate Workstation