When I run the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) script that Listing 3, shows, the script hangs and the WMI service (winmgmt.exe) consumes all the CPU. Is this error a known problem, or am I doing something wrong?

This error is a known problem in Windows 2000. The code for the WMI Provider (cimwin32.dll) that services the Win32_QuickFixEngineering class contains a bug that retrieves Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) information. The problem is isolated to the Win32_QuickFixEngineering class and doesn't affect WMI scripts that query other WMI classes. For more information and instructions for obtaining the fix, see the Microsoft article "WMI Win32_QuickFixEngineering Queries Cause Winmgmt Process to Hang" (; en-us;q279225).