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With the advent of the public cloud, one of your company's business units can connect to a web service and accomplish in days what might take corporate IT months to provide. But though web services are good for the business, they can be bad for the company.

This "shadow IT" within a business jeopardizes a company's security by creating duplicate accounts with little to no governance or lifecycle management, and the storing of corporate data in all sorts of off-the-radar locations. In the near future, practically every company with an established on-premises IT infrastructure will need to have a secure method - the identity bridge - to connect it to tens or hundreds of web services, thus eliminating the need for a shadow IT.

As if this weren't enough for an overtaxed IT staff, to take full advantage of extending your identity into the cloud you must first have your own identity house in order. Your various Active Directory forests, HR databases, and other applications with their own identity store must be available in an organized matter to this identity bridge, or your cloud integration will be crippled.

In this webinar, Sean will describe identity bridges (for example Microsoft's Active Directory Federation Services) and compare the pros and cons of the different available bridge types and necessary components. He will also describe the challenges in getting your on-premises identity ready and provide tips on how to clean up your directory data to best take advantage of the bridge you choose. You'll walk away with a clear knowledge of your cloud connection options.

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Sean Deuby, technical director for Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Pro, has over 25 years' experience in enterprise IT. He began his IT career running Texas Instruments' IBM VM systems, then helped design, deploy, and support TI's first Windows NT 3.5 worldwide infrastructure. He spent 10 years with Intel Corporation, where he was one of the architects of Intel's corporate Active Directory forest and the design engineer of the directory services team. A longtime contributing editor before joining the magazine, Sean has written many articles and a book on Windows Server and Active Directory, and speaks on these topics at conferences around the world. Microsoft has awarded Sean the MVP (Most Valuable Professional) distinction for directory services every year since 2004.

Lisa Grady is an experienced system engineer with Radiant Logic. A veteran in the industry, she has worked with a number of challenging customer cases for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.