Microsoft has rolled out a "Microsoft by the Numbers" web site, exhibiting some pretty significant numbers about their services, devices, OS, and even how many sugary beverages and fattening slices of pizza are consumed at a company surrounded by a health-laced community in Redmond, WA.

You can find the new site here: Microsoft by the Numbers

Incidentally, there's also a downloadable (PDF) version of the stats, in the event the scrolling, tiled interface of the web site becomes too distracting. The download is just a simple, bland page highlighting the numbers of which Microsoft is most proud.

You can get the numbers download here: Microsoft by the Numbers (PDF)

Some of the more notable numbers…

  • More than 100 million Windows 8 licenses have been sold to date.
  • Over 250 million people have a SkyDrive.
  • Bing holds 17.86 percent of the U.S. search market share.
  • Xbox Live has over 48 million members in 41 countries.
  • Office 365 Home Premium has 1 million subscribers and growing.
  • Office 365 is on track to become a $1.5 billion business – one of the fastest-growing in Microsoft history.

P.S. I left out the stats for sugary drinks and slices of Redmond pie on purpose, since I'm a fitness freak and am reluctant to promote anything unhealthy. You'll have to check those out for yourself.