Here's a few great resources compiled to help those reluctant to install the Windows 8.1. Preview release, or for those who just don't have the spare equipment or VM-worthy hardware.

Microsoft has released an updated guide to walk you through the features for the Windows 8.1 Preview that was unveiled on June 26th, 2013. Provided in PDF format, you can sift through the 27 pages and only find two references each for the most requested public features - the Start button and Start to Desktop capability - added in 8.1 (both references on pages 11 and 34).

Download it here: Windows 8.1. Product Guide

The guide not only includes Windows 8.1 Preview information, but also some of the more general Windows 8 starter features, so it's a good document to forward around to family members or to someone who needs a high-level overview.

However, Paul Thurrottactually does a much better job digging deep into the Windows 8.1 Preview's new features and makes the Product Guide appear for what it really is: a marketing document. Check out Paul's coverage where he intricately details each specific feature here: Hands-On with Windows 8.1

And, here's some more coverage that we've rolled out over the past couple weeks. There's some important stuff here, so make sure you take note: