In another chapter in The IT Guide to Windows 8.1, I talked about the NFC Printingfeature that is coming in the Windows 8.1 release. While that is a cool, cost-saving, and futuristic feature, there are plenty of businesses that already have Wi-Fi printers deployed throughout their organization. As you know, the majority of Wi-Fi printers require, not only drivers but stand-alone printer applications just to be able to print over the wireless network. Wi-Fi printing is a time saver for sure, allowing anyone that can connect to the company's wireless network to print, but the software install requirement creates an additional management layer for IT and inhibits mobile device printer access.

Microsoft is bringing full Wi-Fi printing to Windows 8.1 when it releases. Called Wi-Fi Direct, Windows 8.1 initiates a sort of peer-to-peer network between the device and the printer, allowing users to print without having to load drivers or bloated software.

For those without Wi-Fi printers or need an easier method of printing for mobile devices, definitely check into Windows 8.1's NFC Printing feature. A simple $2 NFC tag attached to a standard printer means any NFC enabled device can print. If you missed it, see: IT Guide to Windows 8.1: NFC Printing

This article is part of The IT Guide to Windows 8.1, a continuing series to make the case for Windows 8.1 in the organization.