Q: If an ActiveSync Remote Wipe is initiated against a Windows 8 or Windows RT device via the built-in Mail application, what's deleted?

A: A Remote Wipe is the process where a device is selected from a central Microsoft Exchange or management console and chosen to be wiped, for example if the device has been lost by the owner. The Remote Wipe command is then sent to the device via ActiveSync.

For a device such as a Windows Phone, all data is deleted, including email, contacts, calendar for all accounts and other data on the device such as documents and picture.

However, when ActiveSync Remote Wipe is performed against a Windows 8 or Windows RT device, the scope of the wipe is more limited. Only the email, contacts, and calendar for information stored in the built-in Mail applicationare deleted. Other data on the system is not deleted, including information from the Microsoft Office Outlook client.

To read more on ActiveSynce, see Tony Redmond's "Exchange, EAS, and Outlook 2013" post.