Monday, December 9th at 12pm ET

Viewfinity Application Control is the only product to offer a whitelisting solution that helps reduce external threats, fortified with the ability to manage administrative privileges on locked down endpoints where administrative rights have been removed. Viewfinity works both on endpoints and handles whitelisting/privilege management on servers.

In this 30-minute, live demonstration, you’ll see, first-hand, how the Viewfinity technology provides everything needed for whitelisting – from trusted sources and updaters, reputation services which ranks and scores unknown executables, and how our forensics and monitoring tracks application history. And for those companies considering removing admin rights, or who have removed admin rights, we’ll demonstrate how to use the same product to create policies that will elevate privileges for applications that require administrative rights in order to install/execute.


Alex Shoykhet Vice President Product Management, is responsible for product strategy, product roadmap, developing strategic partner relationships and service delivery. Alex is responsible for identifying market and customer needs and aligning those requirements with the features and technology within Viewfinity products. Mr. Shoykhet is a regular speaker at various public events and webcasts presenting Viewfinity products and technology.

Formerly Alex worked as the Director of Technology at CA and was responsible for implementing high availability products for Fortune 500 accounts. Prior to that, he served as VP of Engineering at Merrill Lynch’s global financial markets, where he was primarily responsible for the Windows platform strategy.

Mr. Shoykhet has more than 15 years of experience in the high-tech software and financial markets and infrastructure technologies with a keen understanding of business requirements.

Mr. Shoykhet graduated with a BS in Computer Information Systems from City University of New York, Baruch College.