A: Because System Center Service Manager 2012 uses SharePoint for the web interface, it's important that users are given access to the Service Manager SharePoint site. Here's the process for doing so:

  1. Connect to the Service Manager 2012 SharePoint site using a SharePoint site administrator.
  2. From Site Actions, select Site Permissions.
    SharePoint Site Permissions
  3. You will probably see a message that the site inherits permissions from its parent, so click the parent Team Site link. It would be similar to my example: https://savdalsm01.savilltech.net:444/_layouts/user.aspx
  4. Click the Grant Permissions action.
  5. Enter the group that contains the users who should be able to access the site (e.g., \Domain Users). For Grant Permissions, select Grant users permission directly and ensure the users have Read permission then click OK.

Users will now be able to access the Service Manager 2012 SharePoint site.