A. The Windows NT resource kit ships with a utility called RMTSHARE.EXE that is used to modify permissions on shares. The syntax to grant access to a share is as follows:

rmtshare \\\ /grant :, e.g.
rmtshare \\bugsbunny\movies /grant savillj:f

Valid permissions are f for full, r for read, c for change and n for none. To revoke access to a share type

rmtshare \\\ /grant , e.g.
rmtshare \\bugsbunny\movies /grant savillj

This would remove savillj's access to the share. To view share permissions enter:

rmtshare \\\ /users, e.g.
rmtshare \\bugsbunny\movies /grant

RMTSHARE.EXE also allows the creation and deletion of shares. Type rmtshare /? for help.