Microsoft has released an updated Windows Azure poster that incorporates the just-announced Windows Azure Virtual Machines. If you’re using or displaying the older version of the poster, you’ll want to grab the new one here: Windows Azure Poster

As soon as this was released, I jumped into Server Posterpedia(the Windows 8 app I discusseda short time ago) to see if the app had been updated yet. Not a chance. I’m sure the update will be coming, but until then, you can just grab it from Microsoft’s download site.

Microsoft has been steadily releasing new posters and updates to old ones, since they have become extremely popular. Microsoft posters are intended to be printed and hung on a cubicle or datacenter wall somewhere, sporting a 26” x 39” poster size. But, hanging them is only a small part of the value. Each poster, provided in Adobe PDF format, is also interactive, providing the ability to use the electronic form to learn more about the highlighted product or service.

When I was a young techie, all we had were posters of Farrah Fawcett or whoever the Teen Beat favorite of the month happened to be. Microsoft has taken this to the next level, giving us a way to learn instead.

Oh, to be young again. Sigh.