As if you needed more to this month with Patch Tuesday imminent, Windows XP and Office 2003 expiring, and Windows 8.1 Update 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Update on the way, Microsoft has made available the preview download for the Windows Management Framework 5.0. WMF 5.0 introduces some updated components, as well as, some new ones.

Included in the preview:

  • Windows PowerShell 5.0
  • Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment
  • Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration
  • Network Switch Cmdlets include Global switch configuration, VLAN configuration, Layer 2 port configuration
  • OneGet is a software repository management cmdlet, allowing you to locate software packages from any web source and install and uninstall them with a single PowerShell command.

Download the preview here: Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview