C'mon folks. Don't be silly.

Watching TV during my early morning workout, there was very little more on than infomercials and news. So, I watched the news. The TV news journalists were excited about today's pending Apple reveal of the latest iteration of the iPhone. I waited until my lifting set was complete and then chuckled.

Apple is notorious for polishing old technology and releasing it as new on an uninformed public. Rumor suggests that the latest iPhone will sport a better camera, be a little faster, have a fingerprint reader for security, and come in an expensive model and a plastic, cheaper model. I'm sure there will be other things announced, but Apple has dropped into an innovative slump. No matter what you think about the original iPhone, it changed things. It made people want to own a smartphone, no matter how overpriced it was. It made consumers believe style was better than function and they'd pay any price for it.

To better explain what I'm talking about, here's a video to prepare you for today's iPhone announcement. Let's see how close to accurate it really is after Apple casts its unveil today.