Cloud. Cloud. Cloud.

Can you remember a time when you haven't heard about the Cloud as a form of computing? It's used everywhere these days, for all kinds of things related to both Information Technology (IT) and Consumer-oriented services. It’s the industry buzzword that just won't die.

Still, for many working in IT the word has become the bane of their existence. There are still many aspects of the Cloud that have not been answered well enough in the minds of IT workers to warrant a "Cloud or Nothing" stance. One of the key inhibitors is security. The Cloud has definitely evolved and improved over the past few years, but is it secure enough when, at the end of the day, the end-user remains the biggest security risk?

This Infographic attempts to lay out the existing security risks still associated with Cloud Computing, and it really does still boil down to the social factors like using strong passwords and having a working knowledge of true computer security.

How Safe is Cloud Computing?
Compiled By: MEMSET Hosting