High availability planning is an expensive business. Provision of the servers, network connectivity and additional licensing for clustered solutions will put a very large dent in your corporate finances. Testing those severs and applications in a simulated disaster recovery scenario is essential so that you can have a degree of confidence that when the fog of war descends and you have to do it for real that your processes will be able to cope and the recovery will “just work”

There is no single technology that enables you to keep some of the inevitable costs under control by intelligently managing the bandwidth used in keeping the high availability target storage up to date and also the physical utilisation of the target servers. In this guide we shall show you how a suite of applications can work together to keep a sample mission critical service, Microsoft Exchange Server, up and running through a set of scenarios from server failure through to data centre failure.

We will demonstrate how XOSoft’s WANSync HA application together with VMware ESX Server can be used to provide automatic systems failover on a shared platform and provide the ability to test those systems, in production, to give you the assurance that the data being written to the high availability solution is valid and can be relied upon whenever you need to invoke the disaster recovery.